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Stormswept Omega

Captive for two years
One omega escapes during
The worst hurricane in twenty years
To find love with an older alpha
One baby ties them both together


My life could not get any worse. Dumped on my own as soon as I turned eighteen, I barely finished high school when I was kidnapped and held captive for two years. The worst storm to hit Florida in twenty years becomes my way out. If I can just hold on and survive the wind, the rain, and the baby determined to meet me all on the same night.


I’ve come to the conclusion I will always be on my own. I’m too old, too set in my ways, and too solitary to ever meet the omega for me. When my dog gets spooked and takes off during the worst storm I can recall, I chase him down only to find a pregnant omega about to give birth practically in my backyard. Is this my chance? Have I finally met the man of my dreams?