Valentine omega’s baby

Magical things happen when you least expect them.


As an omega I wanted it all. The career. The man of my dreams. The family. 

By the time I was thirty-eight, the career was the only thing I had. I was tired of waiting for Mr. Right, so I got pregnant without the man of my dreams. 

It figures I’d meet that man after the baby. Could he accept being the father of another man’s baby?


Stories about fated mates were my bedtime stories. My dads were my examples of how special that connection was. I’d know the minute I met my fated mate. 

Everything I did was in preparation of the day I’d meet my omega. My wealth. My life. My heart. They were all for him. 

I’ll admit I might have been a bit skeptical until the day I looked up and met his eyes. It didn’t matter to me he was older. I was all in with just one look. Then I saw the baby in his belly. My only question was, who did I have to fight to take what was mine?

Magical things happen on Valentine’s Day when an older omega meets his fated mated in a younger man. Can that man accept the baby the omega conceived before they met?

This novella is part of the Sugar Beach Omegaverse.