One Night Only

I don’t want to die a virgin.


After a surprise diagnosis turns into a death sentence, my life flips upside down. Time is running out. One single thought plays through my head — I’ll never know the touch of another man. I yearn for that connection, to be held in the arms of a lover, cherished. I want one single night before it’s too late. Before the end comes, I want to feel desired.


I never expected to meet the perfect omega. So young. So full of life. I’m too old for him, but I fall into a pool of bright blue eyes and want to drown in them. He is perfect. I can picture forever with this man. Only we don’t have forever.

Justin is beautiful. Kind. Soulful. We have one night. One night only. I give in to the overwhelming pull of destiny, and we explore each other’s bodies in a sensual dance old as time. Falling asleep, I hold him in my arms and dream of forever.

Miracles can happen, can’t they?

One Night Only is a 15K word love story with an HEA set in the Sugar Beach Omegaverse. This book was part of the Mpreg Giveaway in October 2020. Only small changes have been made prior to publication.