Hillbilly Diner Omega: Boxset Books 1-3

Welcome to the Sugar Beach Omegaverse, home to the Hillbilly Diner, where love knows no boundaries.

This collection of the Sugar Beach Omegaverse includes books 1 – 3:

Hillbilly Diner’s Omega

Dai runs straight into the arms of a caring alpha who wants only one thing. His one, his omega.

An Omega for Brewster

Micky is deaf and forced to run away to have the life he always wanted. Brewster isn’t sure he deserves another omega after losing his best friend and husband. Can he open his heart for another chance at love?

An Omega for the Sheriff

Rebel lost his parents on the same night he met his one true mate. Can he forgive the man who broke the news of their death and learn to trust?