Aggie’s Missing Omega


He’s my only way out … but can I trust him? 

My nice, normal life turned into a nightmare when my uncle betrayed me. Now, I’m being held captive by a baby-making ring of bad guys who treat omegas like broodmares. 

I need to escape, which means I need help. The sexy bad guy who makes me feel all the things I shouldn’t could be my salvation … or the last mistake I ever make. 


He’s not part of the job … but I can’t forget him. 

I’ve lived on the streets for the last two years. At least, that’s the role I play. Deep undercover, my focus is strictly on the bad guys and how to take them down. 

Until I meet an omega who calls to everything inside me. He’s young. Scared. Alone. 

If I save him, I’ll risk everything I’ve worked for. I should walk away … but that’s no longer an option.

A 46K word non-shifter mpreg, Aggie’s Missing Omega is set in the Sugar Beach Omegaverse world.